Each class at Bhakti Yoga House has their own unique style. Offering a wide range of yoga classes, there will surely be one just for you to enjoy! 


Vinyasa is all about movement aligned with the breath. Vinyasa can be translated as "arranging something in a special way." In these classes you will be taken through Sun Salutations, followed by a smooth sequence of various yoga poses that blend naturally with one another blending with breath. Great for all levels!


In these classes you will be taken through a class that will consist of various standing poses while bringing focus to alignment, pranayama (breathing) techniques and meditation. The goal is to achieve a strong harmony with the mind and body. Great for all levels! 


Gentle yoga classes can be offered in various types of styles, but will ALWAYS be provided in a relaxing and subtle way. These classes will be a great mix between vinyasa, hatha + yin. Great for all levels!


Yin yoga is all about deep stretching postures being held for a longer period of time. Each asana (pose) will be held on the floor in a passive way calming to mind and nervous system. Great for all levels!


Restorative classes consist of longer held poses but with the use of props. You may find yourself in a pose between 5 minutes and 20 minutes allowing you to tune inwards and focus strictly on breath. An amazing way to begin or end your day. Great for all levels! 


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga created by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 1948. "Ashta" means eight and "anga" means limb, meaning Eight Limb Path based on the Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali. Ashtanga yoga practice involves bringing together the pranyama (breath) with a high momentum series of yoga postures. This allows internal heat to build, aerating sweat that will detoxify your organs and muscles. The style itself has its own established sequencing. The series has about 75 different poses, offering direct focus on the internal strength and the breath. This class is about an hour and a half to two hours long, but will create amazing durability in both the body and mind. Intermediate to advanced levels!

Intro to yoga

Learning the basics of yoga! Looking deeper and learning all about each yoga pose you are brought to along with basic breathing techniques. If you are new to yoga, this will be a great practice to being with. Great for any age and any level!


A 75 minute class mixed between Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Beginning the first hour with a flowing vinyasa sequence, followed by thirty minutes of yummy yin poses. Great for all levels!

Strong Vinyasa

This will be an advanced class for continuing practitioners who wish to deepen their practice and take it to the next level. In this class, expect progressive and powerful sequencing, inversions, and pranayama techniques. 

Wall yoga

The moment I practiced wall yoga, I fell in love immediately! Not only is the concept extremely cool, using the wall as 'guidance', you notice how often we sometimes forget to engage certain parts of our muscles AND our alignments while in a pose. Wall Yoga, whether it's practicing it in a vinyasa class or a yin class, you will not be disappointed with what you are guided through. 

Early rise flow

This will be for all of those early morning risers who are looking for a way to wake up and shake up and start their day with some yoga! These classes will be a vinyasa flow based class that will have you leaving your practice with a fresh and focused mind. It will be an awesome way to stay feeling vibrant throughout your busy day! 

Power of breath workshop

This class will be for students who are wanting to learn more about pranayama (breathing) techniques to enhance their practice and their meditation. In these classes we will learn all about:
- Bandhas, in translation means "body lock." Students will be able to learn how to incorporate their bandhas to enchance their practice. 
- Nadhi Sodhana, known as alternative nostril breathing, is used to calm the nervous system. Great way to reduce stress, promote concentration, and calm the mind. 
- Kapalabhati, known as 'skull shining.' It is a cleansing technique, great for relieving congestion, improve lung capacity and build internal heat within the body.
- Lions Breath, found when in  simhasana (lions pose), is a powerful pranayama technique to reduce stress and anger. During this breath, all three bandhas can be engaged.  

- Ujjayi Breath, known as a victorious breath. This breath is found in vinyasa and ashtanga classes. I like to tell my students to imagine their breath sounding like darth vadors would - strong and deep. This pranayama technique helps full expansion of the lungs which allows you to fully focus on YOUR breath and to help calm the mind. 

..... and many more!

Chanting Meditation

The name says it all! It will be a class dedicated to different mantras, chanting and meditation! 

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is known as a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Like the feeling of 'going to sleep' it allows the body to deeply relax while the mind stays inwardly alert. In this class, the student will lay in savasana, known as corps pose (laying on back while limbs and mind completely still) covered in blankets with eyes closed. Class can also be guided through a series of visualizations. Fully bringing your attention inward and to certain sensations within the body.


From the Indian spiritual context, meaning "being with good/righteous companions." On certain days and evenings, like-minded individuals will be able to get together and talk 'truth.' Allowing people to gather and talk THEIR truth, whether it being spiritual or gathering together to discuss something that has been on their mind and would like to share with others. A great way to connect, relax and enjoy each others company through discussion over snacks, tea, coffee and perhaps a glass of wine ;)

Mama & Baby

Moms can come enjoy a yoga class AND bring their little one! Moms will be guided through some deep stretching, strengthening, breathing and relaxation and baby will also be able to experience soft, gentle and relaxing stretches. While your life has a brand new schedule, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. It is a wonderful and playful way to bond with your baby! This class is great for emotional well-being, can be great for babies digestion, can help baby sleep better, and while babies enjoy movement, mom and baby will spend the majority of the class in playful movement incorporating soothing music and singing. This class is an amazing way to build a strong foundation for your little one to establish long-term health and exercise habits as he or she grows. Also, another bonus - you get the chance to meet other rad moms and their bundles of joy! 


Amazing for women going through pregnancy and are in need of some relaxing and gentle stretching, breathing techniques and meditation. It is extremely important for mom to bring awareness to mind, body and spirit and also the spirit of your baby during the pregnancy. In this class, poses will be targeted to areas in the body that are specifically needed and allowing these poses to prep for labor and childbirth. 

special ceremonies

These are always my favorite. Who doesn't love different types of ceremonies and celebrations? You can always count on Bhakti Yoga House for unique ceremonies celebrating a special occasion. Inviting Spirit in and making these celebrations a part of your life! Whether it's a ceremony for a New/Full Moon, Winter/Summer Solstice, Spring/Fall Equinox or a ceremony celebrating one of the Hindu Gods, along with much more, you will never leave the studio disappointed. My friend taught me that God is in the details, in anything and everything that we do. Bringing ceremony to your sacred space will only create exactly what it is that YOU want in your life and allowing God to notice. 


Workshops, workshops, workshops! So many workshops! The ideas and possibilities are endless and all so different. They can take place over a couple of hours or over a weekend. An awesome and fun way to connect with other students and open the doors to learn something new, different and broaden your awareness.
You will see a lot of various types of workshops on the Bhakti schedule!  

Private Classes

Private classes are offered for students who would like to focus on personal interests. These classes allow the student to have full one-on-one guidance.


Let us bring yoga to you! Whether it is a bachelorette, offering yoga at schools, yoga at a vineyard or brewery, bringing yoga to coffee shops, the market and much more. We are open to any ideas you throw our way! 

*NOTE: Every yoga class in each style will be unique in its own way. You will never see the same yoga class taught twice. So expect to experience classes with badass sequencing and playlists.*